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SEPTIC AUTOPSY - Necro Secreations Vol.2 CD

SEPTIC AUTOPSY - Necro Secreations Vol.2 CD

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1 Introduction To The Illegal Practices (The Begining Of A New Study On The Festering Corpses) 1:34
2 Oxidised Scalpel To Cut The Infected Viscous Liver 1:18
3 Toxicological Induction To An Aminocyclopentanecarboxylic Acid 1:29
4 The Soggy Appearance Of Liquefying Tissue As A Result Of Severe Larval Feeding Activity 1:24
5 Bad Periperal Circulation Of Venomous Disorders 2:30
6 Embalming The Putrefact Body 1:15
7 Showering Bile Contamination 1:10
8 Congenital Tumour Constitued By Embryonic Tissues And Foetal Residues (Lymphatic Phlegm Cover) 2:41
9 Dapoxetina Induced 1:36
10 Taxoplasmosis For Inhuman Necrophiliac Bodies 2:12
11 Pathological Gore Sickness 2:15
12 Bronquial Mucus Of The Pulmonary Dacay (Mouth Full Of Green Phlems) 1:27
13 Failed Excision Of A Malignant Intra-Abdominal Abscess 1:28
14 Fatal Dislocation And Snapping Of The Undeveloped Spine And Spinal Cord Of A Semi-Birthed Infant Abortion Mishap In The Third Trimester 1:24
15 Scientifically Engineered NeuralGlial Cells Of The Endothelin & Neurotrophic Type, Used To Regenerate Tissues In The Colon 1:18
16 Strict Disinfection With Quarantining Practices Imposed Upon Prosthetic Organ Valves Used In The Transplantation Of Lab Grown Organs 1:03
17 Last Minute Radical Emergency Esophagectomy Procedure On A Cancer Infected Thoracic Wall In The Fourth Degree 1:23
18 Same-Site Re-Operation Due To A Post Operative Failure Herniated Organ Having Been Re-Torn Through It's Previously Stitched Cavity Wall 1:03
19 Congealed And Crustifying Nasal Mucosa Buildup Causing Asphyxia In A Comatose Patient Suffering From An Un-Noticed Esophageal Motility Disorder 1:04
20 Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy Of Severely Malformed Ovaries And Cauterization Of The Fallopian Tubes Within The Infertility Affected Womb 1:21
21 Cystic Tissue Rot Eruption With The Ever Fattering Larva Of Lucilia Illustris The Medical Implementation Of Proper Debridement By Means Of The Juvenile Calliphoridae 1:12
22 Agenisis Of The Inferior Vena Cava 1:30
23 Human Anatomy, Torture Devices 1:00
24 Post Mortem Pathology 1:04
25 Removal Of The Cranial Vault 0:51
26 Extensive Post Mortem Injuries 2:42
27 Maceration Of The Skin 0:37
28 The Dark Discoloration Of The Sclera 1:10
29 Decomposition Happens Twice As Fast In Water 1:37
30 Black Sludge Coating The Entire Body 2:01
31 Acute Necrosis Of The Lower Leg 1:26
32 Rib Cutters 1:26
33 Chronic Subdural Haemorrhage In Cavernous Sores 1:45
34 The Organs Are Removed 1:34
35 Necropsy Done On A Saltwater 2:09
36 Post-Mortem Injuries 0:43
37 Agenesis Of The Inferior Vena Cava 1:11
38 Preservation Of Body Parts Through A Process Of Plastination 2:38

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